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Title Loans in Henderson, NV


Not long ago, people had to make an appointment at their local bank to get a loan. You had to round up lots of documentation, proof of income and fill out long applications. If you’re on the internet at home or your place of business, you can simply fill out an online application.


As a matter a fact, Rutherford Financial provides a short online application for title loans Henderson. Online loans save both the lender and borrowers’ time and money. Lots of folks in Henderson know they can rely on car title loans any time they need a bit of extra cash.


Borrowers determine when they need a loan and how they’ll spend their cash. Loans are secured using your auto. Loan amounts are calculated by establishing the value of your auto and your income. Most applicants with poor credit scores are pleased to learn that qualifying isn’t based on credit. We’ve helped lots of people to obtain loans in the past, and we can help you.

Rutherford Financial will help you get your finances back on track.

What Do I Need & How Do I Apply for a Loan?


• Must be at least 18 years old.

• You must have a car or a truck, which is paid off.

• You must hold the title to your vehicle to be used as collateral.

• Applicants must have income to repay the loan.


• To confirm your age, you’ll need to show us a driver’s license or your Nevada identification card.

• We will need your paper car title, which lists you as the owner and shows the vehicle is free of liens.

• You’ll be required to show proof of income.

Applying for an Auto Title Loan Henderson

You have three options when it comes to applying for loans.

1. Apply online using our short application form.

2. Drive to a nearby loan center store in Henderson to fill out a paper application.

3. Speak with a loan representative over the phone who will take down your application information.


Immediately after we receive your loan application, we begin processing the loan and provide applicants with an instant loan estimate. This is a courtesy that we provide to all applicants, so they can decide whether the loan would be beneficial and if they wish to continue with the loan process.

Applicants can expect a call from their loan rep shortly after applying. So, to keep the process moving along, you should calculate your monthly income and expense figures, which may be needed for qualifying.

What Should I Know About Car Title Loans in Henderson?

Quick Cash - Car title loans in Henderson offer one of the quickest ways to get cash without hassles. Our goal at Rutherford Financial is to payout every loan within 24 hours of the application submission. In some cases, we can pay in just a few hours. Early Loan Payoffs - All borrowers are free to pay off title loans Henderson early if they have the money. Just explain when you would like to pay off the loan to your loan rep, and we will make arrangements for you to pay off your loan early with no penalties or fees.

Spending Funds - Borrowers are in control of how they’ll spend their loan funds. It’s is strictly up to you. We have no spending restrictions when it comes to your loan funds. Vehicle Inspections - Although some title lenders do require a quick vehicle inspection, we do not inspect vehicles. You may be asked a few questions about the condition of your auto during the loan consultation, but that’s all that is required. Easy Qualifying - Those folks with poor credit, bankruptcies or no credit history will never be turned down for a loan or penalized because of their credit.

How a Title Loan Works


Most folks considering title loans Henderson are not aware that applications and consultations are free. This allows you to get familiar with our loan process and decide if a loan is a good choice for your financial situation.

Completing Applications

In order to finish up your application, you’ll be speaking with your loan rep about your source of income and how much income you receive monthly. This helps us to determine what type of payments you could afford. It also used when determining loan amounts.

Choosing a Repayment Plan

Rutherford Financial always offers applicants the highest loan amounts possible, based on their income and the value of their automobile. However, you know your financial situation far better than we do. Therefore, we counsel each applicant to review their finances carefully to choose a loan with repayment terms they can meet and a payment amount that’s truly affordable.

Completing the Loan Process

After working out the details for loans, borrowers are presented with contracts, which summarize the loan terms agreed upon during phone consultations. To comply with Nevada state regulations concerning car title loans, Rutherford Financial draws up a contract for each approved borrower. Borrowers are asked to read through their contracts and ask questions if needed.

Contracts include:

• Minimum payment amounts.
• Applicable fees.
• A repayment plan.
• The total cost of the loan to the borrower.
• The interest rate and the cost of the interest.

Title Loans in Henderson, Nevada:

Contracts are normally signed at a convenient loan center store where borrowers will also collect their loan funds. To close the loan and meet the collateral requirements, you will be asked to turn over your paper copy of your car title. In order to secure the loan, we must place a lien against the vehicle. The temporary lien is removed, and car titles are then returned to the car owner after the final payment is received and processed. Consider title loans Henderson to get your finances back on track today.